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How to choose under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen.

How to choose under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen.

Under-cabinet lighting not only helps add a nice ambiance to any kitchen, but it also helps expand the amount of workspace you have -- or at least shed some light on said workspace. Homeowners looking for under-cabinet lighting have plenty of options: Some are affordable but difficult to install, while others are easy to install but a bit bulky and visually obtrusive. So what’s your best bet?

If you want some nice task or ambient lighting that’s hidden from view and not terribly budget breaking, opt for a flexible LED tape light with a protective cover and adhesive back. It’s easy to install yourself and can be cut every couple of inches so you can fully customize it to your space. LED lights have a color that is a bit on the “cooler” side compared with traditional incandescent lights. But LED lights don’t emit heat as incandescent lights do, so you won’t have to worry about adding extra heat to your kitchen.

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